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Safari Comedy Show!

Real wild African animals just got even more entertaining!


Local hilarious comedians, Tumi Morake and Eric Omondi join the Boomerang animal kingdom by transforming themselves into the loveable animals we all know and love. From cheeky monkeys, to lazy wallowing seals, to greedy warthogs, to romantic cheetahs, Boomerang’s Safari Comedy Show will shed light on the daily lives of some of Africa’s most humorous animals, like you have never seen before.


This series of one-minute short scripted comedies, where real wild animals will be dubbed by local African talents, is based on the simple concept of “if animals could talk, what would they say?” Here on the Safari Comedy Show, anything is possible. Not only can the animals rap, dance, and talk like humans, but they can play games on their mobile phones too. In fact these animals are not so different from humans at all. From playing with their friends, to fighting with their siblings, you will learn that there is an animal in Africa just like you!


Meet The Talent:


Eric Omondi

Meet Eric

Eric Omondi has grown to become one of Kenya’s most sought after comedians and entertainers. “When Boomerang approached me to do the Safari Comedy Show, I was so excited to get the opportunity to make hundreds and thousands of kids from across Africa roar with laughter. I mean what an honour!”.


Tumi Morake

Meet Tumi

Tumi Morake is the first South African female comedian to win Comic of the Year at the Savanna Comic Choice Awards. I am so excited to be part of Boomerang’s Safari Comedy Show. I have always wanted to voice over a character, so this opportunity is literally, without sounding clichéd, a dream come true for me!”.


Catch A Sneak Peek of the Safari Comedy Show:

Watch apes, monkeys and leopards get up to no good in episode 1!


Catch a glimpse of the second episode, and see which African animal has the best rapping skills!



Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes moments with Tumi and Eric!


Behind-the-scenes with Tumi & Eric



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