We asked kids what adventures they get up to during the weekend.

We hear about a little boy’s weekend story in Cape Town, South Africa.

His weekends are always an adventure, and his parents try to show him new experiences every weekend because they recently moved to the city.

The weekend adventures in this episode include a visit to the Two Oceans Aquarium, then getting ice cream, meeting his two dogs, and ending off with soccer in the park with his dad.

What’s your favourite weekend activity? 

DIY Mini Foosball Table: 

Materials you’ll need:  

  • A shoebox 
  • X4 small wooden dowel sticks. 
  • X8 clothes pins 
  • Glue stick 
  • Green colour paper 
  • Wrapping paper 
  • Small ping pong ball 
  • Paint (X2 colours of paint, white and black) 
  • Paint brushes 
  • Scissors 
  • Craft knife cutter 


How to make DIY Mini Foosball Table:  

** Remember to ask an adult to help you when using scissors and pins ** 

Step 1: Cut x4 dowel sticks to about 40-45cm each and paint x2 dowel sticks in one colour and x2 dowel sticks in another colour and leave to dry. 

Step 2: Paint x4 clothes pins in one colour and x4 clothes pins in another colour and  

leave to dry. 

Step 3: Cut off the lid of the shoebox if needed and wrap it with wrapping paper and stick  

with glue stick.  

Step 4Cut out green A4 cardboard to fit inside the showbox bottom as your grass and stick  

with glue stick. 

Step 5Mark the handle holes 5cm from the bottom of the shoe box, and 6cm apart from  

 one another, in two sets and make holes big enough for the dowels to slide through. 

Step 6Mark out the goal posts with a 7cm (H) x 12cm (W) rectangle in the centre of each  

side of the shoebox and cut it out with a cutter. *Be sure to ask mom or dad for help. 

Step 7Once all the paint has dried, put the dowels in order of its colour through the dowel  

holes from one side to the other. 

Step 8Clip on the clothes pins according to the colour of the dowel sticks and enjoy playing  

soccer with your friends! 

DIY Aquarium: 

Materials you’ll need:  

  • X1 mason jar 
  • Green paint 
  • Paint Brushes 
  • Water 
  • Stones 
  • Blue Food colouring 
  • Scissors 
  • Downloadable fish silhouette 
  • Glue stick 
  • X3 colour cardboard 


How to make DIY Aquarium: 

** Remember to ask an adult to help you when using scissors and pins ** 

Step 1: Place stones in jar.  

Step 2: Pour in the water. 

Step 3: Add a few drops of food colouring to the water and close the jar.  

Step 4: Download and cut out the fish silhouettes. 

Step 5: Now use the shapes to cut out as many fish as you’d like in different  

colour paper and draw on their eyes. 

Step 6: Glue the fish around the outside of the jar. 

Step 7: Paint seaweed going up from the bottom of the jar then leave to dry and enjoy your  

very own aquarium. 

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