There are few better ways to inspire kids than through storytelling and hands-on activities. Be on the lookout for

Welcome to "My African Stories", a fun way to virtually travel the continent with your family.

We host stories about exciting adventures, fun activities, and easy-to-make crafts you can prepare together with your children.

What better way to get in touch with your continent than by immersing your family in the stories of kids just like yours from Ghana to South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya. 

All your child needs is imagination!

Be on the lookout for new content on this website throughout the month of May as we celebrate Africa Month!

What’s your favourite weekend activity?

Get a tour of Lesedi's weekend in Cape Town. He'll show you his favourite spots and activities and ice cream!

Click the yellow image above to watch Lesedi's adventure and access the amazing crafts inspired by his story!

What do you buy at the market?

Yaa loves her local market in Ghana. Follow her around as she shows you her favourite stands, discover a new juice flavour, and pick out a new outfit!

Click the purple image above to learn more about Yaa's trip to the market in Ghana and see the easy-to-make crafts inspired by her story!

Which hobby are you most passionate about?

1,2,3, Pirouette! Pascal's passion is ballet. Follow him around Ajagbandi as he takes the tuk-tuk to go to his studio and check out his amazing moves!

Click the green image above to learn more about Pascal and see the easy-to-make crafts inspired by his story!

How do you celebrate your birthday?

Happy Birthday, Kimberly! Follow her around Nairobi as she gets her hair done for this special occasion!

Click the blue image above to watch Kimberly's magical day and see the cute DIY activities inspired by her story!

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