We asked kids what hobby they love doing in their spare time.

In Ajangbadi, Nigeria we hear from a little boy who loves ballet and follow him during his preparation and practice, he teaches us some of the moves and we learn about ballet.

Which hobby are you most passionate about?

DIY Dance Puppets: 

Materials you’ll need:  

  • Downloadable puppet template 
  • Colour markers 
  • String 
  • Paper fasteners 
  • Thick Needle 
  • Scissors 


How to make DIY Dance Puppets: 

** Remember to ask an adult to help you when using scissors and pins ** 

Step 1: Print the downloadable puppet template. 

Step 2: Glue stick the entire template onto cardboard paper. 

Step 3: Colour in the limbs of the dancers as well as their clothing and draw in the puppet’s facial features. 

Step 4: Cut each piece out separately. 

Step 5: Poke holes through the black dots on the template’s pieces with the thick needle 

Step 6: Now attach the limbs together by poking the paper fasteners through the needle holes. 

Step 7: Trim the paper fastener at the back with scissors and open them to fasten the limbs together. 

Step 7: Tie a string through the head hole and fasten it leaving a loop on top so that the puppet hangs from it. 

Step 8: Make up cool dance moves for the dancing puppets and show all of your friends! 

DIY Dance craft: 

Materials you’ll need:  

  • Drinking straws 
  • X2 pipe cleaners 
  • Scissors 
  • Prestik 


How to make a DIY Dance craft:  

** Remember to ask an adult to help you when using scissors and pins ** 

Step 1: Cut straws into 1cm long pieces. 

Step 2: Push the straw pieces into one of the pipe cleaners alternating the colours and curl the ends of the pipe cleaners to form the hands. 

Step 3: Now make a loop in the middle of the first straw to form the head and twist to fasten.   

Step 4: Push the straw pieces into the second pipe cleaner alternating the colours and curl the ends of the pipe cleaners to form the feet. 

Step 5: Bend the second pipe cleaner in the middle and connect it to the first straw located at the neck would start, just below the head loop with a twist. 

Step 6: Now twist the second straw approximately 3cm down then spread the two straw ends apart to form the separate legs. 

Step 7: Lastly, roll a big piece of Prestik together and stick the dance craft into it to stand securely. Make as much as you want to and show them off in cool dance moves to all your friends! 

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