There's a little odd in everybody. The Oddbods takes a look at everyday life – through the eyes of seven distinct personalities – all bundled up in bright. Fuse, the red one, likes to be the leader of the pack. He can shift from calm to a time-ticking bomb in a second, so watch out! Zee, the green one, is easy going and carefree. He is a lazybones, passionate about food and sleep and nothing much in between. Newt, the pink one, is the youngest. The cutiepatootie teaches everyone a thing or two about being social online. Slick, the orange one: everyone wants to be him. The ultimate hipster, always bouncing to the groove, needing to look his best. Pogo, the blue one, is a combination of mischief and silly. He surprises everyone - sometimes in good ways, sometimes in not-so-good ones. Bubbles, the yellow one, is ready for anything! She is fearless and will tackle anything. Jeff, the purple one, believes that there is a place for everything. He loves order and discipline!